Armonk Wines & Spirits

We are pleased to welcome you to Armonk Wines and Spirits.

We are confident that you will find all of your preferred selections along with more esoteric and unique items from wine regions across the globe. The philosophy we would like to bring to our customers is one of education about viniculture to foster curiosity and experimentation. We want to assist you in thinking “outside of the bottle” when making your wine selections, and our experienced staff is ready to help answer your questions, make recommendations, and provide you with a complete shopping experience.

Whether you are looking for your favorite libation, a gift for a friend, a pairing for a dinner party, or just great bottle to enjoy with a weeknight meal, we are here to help you make the perfect choice.

About the Shop

Armonk Wines & Spirits welcomes both the wine novice and connoisseur alike. We feature hand-selected wines for everyday drinking, as well as those for special occasions and collectibles. We focus on wines that convey a sense of place, and showcase a passionate and responsible approach to winemaking and traditions.

We taste every wine and spirit that we have on our shelves. It seems almost a given, but you would be surprised how this is often not the industry standard. As a consequence, you can be confident in our enthusiasm and honesty in recommending our selections.

You will not find all the main commercial brands expressly because we try to find alternatives that consistently over-deliver in taste and value for your hard-earned money.

About Us

IMG_1920Growing up in France demands that wine is an innate part of your culture. In keeping with that tradition, Christophe discovered his true curiosity about viniculture while attending college and helping a friend tend the vines of a small vineyard in the Loire Valley during the summer months. After university and a mandatory stint in the French Navy, Christophe caught the travel bug and relied on his love of food and wine to find work in the restaurant industry in various places around the globe. From the French Island of Reunion near Madagascar, to the cobblestone streets of Cambridge England, to the high altitude ski resorts of the French Alps, Christophe spent time discovering the local gastronomy and honing both culinary and ‘front of the house’ management skills in various establishments.

An offer to travel to the United States to help manage a French restaurant brought him to the Hudson Valley fifteen years ago. After four years of managing the restaurant, Christophe decided it was time to focus on his true passion ~ wine. After securing a job with a French wine importer and distributor, Christophe enrolled in the Wine and Spirit Education Trust and obtained certification in viniculture studies. After seven years of working in the wine industry, Christophe had the opportunity to fulfill his dream by becoming the owner and operator of Armonk Wines and Spirits.

Christophe and his wife, Kimberly, an American Francophile since the age of thirteen, live, cook and share their passion for wine in a 1940’s converted summer cottage in New-England. They have a seven year-old son, various animals and fowl, and enjoy tending their organic garden the bounty of which is shared with family and friends around the dinner table with, of course, the perfect wine.