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Wine Study

Wine Study , Act I : Nebbiolo I would like to invite you to a dinner not around one winemaker or one winery but to concentrate on a specific grape, wine type or vintage in which a more in depth exploration in a more intimate setting. That said, on Friday February 26th, Market North will [...]

Champagne Power

TRAVEL TO CHAMPAGNE WITH US Leave it to us to guide you off the beaten path of the over-marketed bubbly - you know, the one with a generic personality. We know you by now and say this: "You deserve better!" YOU, with the discerning palate; YOU the curious foody; YOU the original you; YOU the [...]

Soup to Nuts Fall edition

Friday, October 23rd 6:00 pm–close With Restaurant North We are priming the Holiday season with a classic "soup to nuts" to remember. Alongside tidbits from Restaurant NORTH, Mr Frederic Leger from Maison Thienot (their champagne was the official beverage at the Oscar ceremony) will guide you through samples of their holdings from Champagne to Sauternes via Argentina [...]

Cognac Dinner at Pour Mt. Kisco

Wednesday, October 14th 6:00–9:00 PM With Nicolas Palazzi of PM Spirits To you the Bourbon lover who wants to discover another dimension of an aged spirit, to you the amateur of beautiful things, to you the curious epicurean, join us for a very unusual dinner featuring Cognacs aged between 8 to 25 years from small producers [...]

A Table avec Armonk Wines – Happy 5776!

A Table avec Armonk Wines- Happy 5776!   Bubbe's Best Brooklyn Brisket Ever see that episode of Seinfeld where they all discuss shrinkage? You can bank on your brisket doing the same thing. How ever much the butcher says you'll need, buy a bigger one. This is your immigrant bubble's recipe before Lipton's soup mix or [...]

First Thursday in ARMONK- September Ed.

Thursday, September 3rd 6:00–9:00 PM Back to school. This month First Thursday coincides with Back to School week. We know it is a crazy time for many of you which is why we invite you to an evening of art, music, and refreshments. We are featuring Rosalind Oesterle’s artwork which has been exhibited in juried shows [...]

Cider Power

Cider Power I have to admit, I drank cider from an early age (way earlier than the legal requirement mandated here). It does not make me an expert, but it did make me question why it was so hard to find a very good quality cider (I should say hard cider) that I could enjoy [...]

First Thursday in ARMONK- August Ed.

Thursday, August 6th 6:00–9:00 PM Spirit Of Summer. August 6th is the third installment of our village celebration. To continue in the Spirit of Summer, we will be offering cocktails made with a vodka originating from New York and crafted in Oregon with American corn (so naturally gluten free). If inhibitions are quelled by the proffered [...]

Absinthe Minded?

Evil green fairy! Do you remember these awful stories about depraved people in late 1800’s drinking absinthe and loosing their mind because of it? Well as it turns out, its hallucinogenic properties were badly exaggerated, but still caused its ban in several countries from 1915 on. The elixir of the bohemian culture was then kept away [...]

Flavored Vodka

Flavored Vodka...Why not? It's the Season of Flavors. What could be better than an icy cold cocktail while you're sitting on the deck, in your garden , or by the pool ? Anything you make yourself is more delicious - let's face it. Here's how to make the most of your vodka this summer by [...]