Broc Cellars

A couple of months ago in our newsletter, we wrote about an independent winemaker whom we just met based in Berkeley, California. We praised and welcomed the efforts of this free-spirited vignerons, who with his vision and non market-abiding approach captures the artistic path of a delicious bottle of wine.

Writing about Chris Brockway from Broc Cellars was a must–as to our sensibility he represents this unique “American way” — independence and meticulously crafted freedom.

On June 13th Mr. Asimov mentioned in the following article, one of the realities of the California wine industry and its disciples.┬áNot that this is new — but that it is celebrated by an ever growing younger generation which with its approach of individualism (or should I say “personalism”) promotes the diversity of our moody taste buds.

It is why one more time and surely not the last, we are putting in the spotlight and in our glasses (trust me on that one) a few wines that personify this great spirit.

Happy Independence Day!