Hampden Rum aged 22 years

“Hampden Distillery is the only distillery in Jamaica that specializes exclusively in the making of Heavy Pot Still rums. It prides itself in the Art of making High Ester Rums from knowledge handed down “from generation to generation using fermenters made more than a century ago. Although utilizing the latest technology and equipments to ensure product quality, Hampden’s Master Distiller and Wash Masters pride themselves in predicting the outcome of each production run making the process an art as much as a science. It is this, the long history, the retention of skills, the transference of knowledge through the generations, the preserving of tradition, the use of fermenters that allows for the right yeast interaction with the carefully blended wash materials and the unique processing of it’s Lime Salts that makes Hampden paramount in the High Ester universe of rums. Hampden do not use commercial yeast but cultures, suspends and regenerate its own. It is for this reason that Hampden is privileged with having the most loyal of customers that vote their approval via their orders decade after decade. ”