Wine Study , Act I : Nebbiolo

I would like to invite you to a dinner not around one winemaker or one winery but to concentrate on a specific grape, wine type or vintage in which a more in depth exploration in a more intimate setting. That said, on Friday February 26th, Market North will be hosting the first ever “Wine Study”. This study will be in conjunction with Restaurant North and we will focus on the grape Nebbiolo.

We will be exploring the grape in four different incarnations, nebbiolo grown in Northern Italy, Nebbiolo in the Langhe, Nebbiolo from Barbaresco and Nebbiolo from Barolo. There will be four flights of four wines, totaling 16 different wines. Vintages will be as early as 2013 and as old as 1987. Steven and I both dug into our own personal cellars and pulled a few special bottles for the evening including the wines of Gaja, Giacosa, Rinaldi etc…

Chef ERIC is going to cook a regionally inspired menu, based around the food of Piedmont, Italy. Each of the four courses will be served “family style”at the Chef’s table.

the lineup:

Spanna, Colline Novaresi, Vallana, Alto Piemonte, Italy, 2012
Vallee D’Aoste Rosso, Caves de Donnas, Valle D’Aosta, Italy, 2010
Valtellina Superior, Le Tense Sassella, Nino Negri, Valtellina, Italy, 2004
Gattinara, San Francesco, Antonolio, Alto Piemonte, Italy, 2003

Nebbiolo di Langhe, Cavalotto, Castiglione Falletto, 2012
Nebbiolo di Langhe G.D. Vajra, Barolo, 2013
Nebbiolo d’Alba, Valmaggiore, Sandrone, Barolo, 2009
Nebbiolo di Langhe, Cantina del Pino, Barbaresco, 2005

Barbaresco, Serio & Battista Borgogno, 2012
Barbaresco, Rabaja, Produttori di Barbaresco, 2009
Barbaresco, Gaja, Piedmont, 1997
Barbaresco, Sori San Lorenzo, Gaja, 1982

Barolo, Silvio Grasso, La Morra, 2011
Barolo, Cavalloto, Castiglione Falletto, 2007
Barolo, Giuseppe Rinaldi, Barolo, 1998
Barolo, Bruno Giacosa, Neive, 1987
We are limiting the seating to around 10ppl with the dinner starting at 7pm at market north (387 Main street, Armonk NY).

The evening will be $150 per person and that includes tax and gratuity. I love to share and talk about wine so this will be a treat for me as well.

Call the shop or Market North for reservation (Market North p. 914-273-3773)