Wines: Red, White, Rosé & Sparkling

The alcoholic fermented juice of fresh grapes used as a beverage.

From: Middle English win, from Old English wīn; akin to Old High German wīn; both ultimately from Latin vinum, perhaps of non-IE origin; akin to the source of Greek oinos

First Known Use: before 12th century

Our definition: A transformed (fermented) agricultural product that has to be on the table with a good meal.


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1602, 2016

Wine Study

Wine Study , Act I : Nebbiolo I would like to invite you to a dinner not around one winemaker or one winery but to concentrate on a specific grape, wine type or vintage in which a more in depth exploration in a more intimate setting. That said, on Friday [...]

2812, 2015

Champagne Power

TRAVEL TO CHAMPAGNE WITH US Leave it to us to guide you off the beaten path of the over-marketed bubbly - you know, the one with a generic personality. We know you by now and say this: "You deserve better!" YOU, with the discerning palate; YOU the curious foody; YOU [...]

308, 2015

Cider Power

Cider Power I have to admit, I drank cider from an early age (way earlier than the legal requirement mandated here). It does not make me an expert, but it did make me question why it was so hard to find a very good quality cider (I should say hard [...]

2205, 2015

Saumur-Champigny domaine de L’enchantoir 2013

My type of Chenin Saumur blanc 2013 domaine de l'Enchantoir We know you might have a bad experience, it was nondescript and common to the point of vulgarity. You had it at that party that you did not want to be at. But this Chenin Blanc is different. You don't [...]

2105, 2015

Morgon Cote du Py P.U.R 2012

A "No-Sulfites" Gem. Morgon Cote du Py by P.U.R 2012 Earlier this year, I tasted this wine in a bit of a hurry but was seduced by its palatable offering and great personality. A few weeks later, after receiving the shipment from my supplier, I took a bottle home for [...]

2303, 2015

Ferdinand AlbariÑo 2013

Napa Olé. Ferdinand Albariño 2013 (210 cases made) Evan Frazier started the Ferdinand label in 2010 with just 56 cases of Albariño. Introduced to winemaking in 2006 by Abe Schoener of the Scholium Project, that year Evan worked his first harvest, in the Roussillon (Maury, France), with ancient Carignan and [...]

1701, 2015

Broc Cellars

Broc Cellars A couple of months ago in our newsletter, we wrote about an independent winemaker whom we just met based in Berkeley, California. We praised and welcomed the efforts of this free-spirited vignerons, who with his vision and non market-abiding approach captures the artistic path of a delicious bottle [...]

1601, 2015

Apremont for your Fondue

Apremont for your Fondue Jean Perrier "Cuvee gastronomique "Apremont 2013- 750ml Hand harvested for this cuvée ,the grape varietal Jacquère is indigenous to Savoie, and it is almost exclusively consumed with cheese or as an aperitif. Its lively acidity and balance exhibits fresh basil notes makes it a great fondue partner [...]

1601, 2015

Rioja Grande

Rioja Grande A Legend in the Making: Imperial Gran Reserva 2004 One of the great privileges of working in the wine trade is that we are occasionally afforded the opportunity to live beyond our means. We've all had the experience of being invited to share a bottle of wine that, for [...]